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Alcome Co's Zero-Waste Commitment; Refill, Re-use, Recycle, baby!

By Amy McQuade

Alcome Co's Zero-Waste Commitment; Refill, Re-use, Recycle, baby!

So, what's the idea? At Alcome Co Skincare, we believe that your self-care products should be good for your and good for the planet! Bringing back your used jar in exchange for a discount on a fresh new product is a great option to stock up on your favourite Alcome Co products sustainably. You are able to regularly save money too!  You are contributing to a zero-waste supply chain and are ensuring that no plastics or containers are single use. Most importantly, you are encouraging a sustainable, mindful way of thinking about the products you use in your everyday life.                       

How does it work?  We have been inspired by recent sustainability movements towards waste-free living (such as plastic free July) and we are committed to Alcome Co being an environmentally responsible brand! We also want to be a leader of change in Australia, where so many beauty and self care products are single use plastics and end up in landfill or our ocean. Our products are packaged in glass or tin (where possible, except some products used in wet areas) so that when you finish them, the jars can be re-used, re-purposed or recycled. Over the next 6 months, we also aim to transition to environmentally-friendly and/or recycled packaging for our entire range, so stay tuned!

We have two ways to make sure that our packaging is not single use - at our local events at our Alcome Co Skincare Refill Station or at our amazing Stockists participating in the Alcome Co Skincare Zero-Waste Movement... Read more on our page, 'Zero-Waste'.

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