We've been spotted!

By Amy McQuade

We've been spotted!

We're so excited to let y'all know that our Unicorn Mask was recently featured in Peppermint Magazine Sustainability Issue 2017! Whew, go Unicorn, go!

The Unicorn Mask is the saviour you've been searching for! Suitable for congested, dull and acne-prone skin types, our organic botanicals work together with rich clays to cleanse and reinvigorate your skin to improve the complexion and skin health, naturally! This is a great addition for acne prone skin types, or for those times when you need something extra to cope.  It's an ideal balance for those with sensitive skin that needs a bit of oil-vacuuming and gentle exfoliation.  Once you’re over this magic, you’ll appreciate the way the Australian red clay zaps blackheads and sops up shine. Super plant-powered Aloe Vera and rich active Ylang-Ylang and Jasmine essential oils add an extra skin-saving dimension.

Skin Brightening Australian Red Clay Mask / With a lush clay base of gentle white natural Kaolin Clay and Australian Red Clay it's thick and luxurious, but still gentle enough for all skin types. We recommend using the Unicorn if you're skin needs a bit of TLC, a helping hand, a dose of Skinfood!

Let The Unicorn help you get your glow back!  The Unicorn regulates oil and soothes sensitive skin, it's perfect for balancing combination skin types and bringing back a healthy skin-tone. Packed full of nourishing organic ingredients, let your skin be nourished with natural actives.  

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