ALCOME.Co  Mindful Skincare handcrafts natural, organic face and body care products with your wellbeing in mind.  

Proudly handcrafted in small batches in the Adelaide Hills, ALCOME.Co's fresh, plant-based formulas deliver high performance, everyday skin and body care solutions for healthy self-care that is good for you and good for the planet.  Our most popular products include our activated charcoal toothpaste, natural deodorant range and lush clay masks. 

ALCOME.Co body care products are natural vegan self-care products for the sustainably minded; we offer eco-friendly and ethical alternatives and with a background in naturopathy and a passion for holistic self-care, ALCOME.Co's range is self-care with no crap and a lot more to stand by.

Self-care should not be hard; it should be good for you and good for the planet. We want you to use our products with the joy that comes from body care that's innovatively natural, organically-based and made cruelty free. The biggest challenge for us was coming up with vegan-friendly alternative formulas to the tried and true conventional bodycare products, we have spent months perfecting each product formula and swapping out animal products that have been used for decades in natural bodycare solutions. When a product finally comes together, the satisfaction of perfecting a mindful alternative is worth the months of hard work that goes on behind the scenes. 


E T H I C A L  F O C U S 

Success, to us, is having an ethical foundation to stand on, first and foremost. There's no way around it; our beautiful co-inhabitants of our planet and mama nature should not be suffering for our vanity. If you haven't caught up already, it's time to make the switch to vegan self-care products. We are proudly a 100 % vegan operated and made. Of course, we are also cruelty-free too!

As a vegan company, we are passionate about animal welfare; we wanted to create a company that gives back, and our unique products combine naturopathic formulas with a strong ethical focus;  5% of profits are donated to South Australian Animal Welfare Organisations and we are committed to ending single-use packaging with ALCOME.Co's Zero Waste Recycling Program.We have also gained a huge amount of inspiration from Instagram and the #waronwaste; we have adjusted our focus to ensure that we will become a zero waste brand over the next few months because ALCOME.Co products are not only amazing to use and they don't the earth, the first steps of this are already in place through our recycling program and refill station

H A N D M A D E  I N  SA 

ALCOME.Co artisan products are made in the Adelaide Hills with fresh, locally sourced natural actives. We hand pour,  hand label...well, you get the idea. There is something quite lovely about this process; we consider each and every jar before it leaves our workshop in Nairne, a small community nestled in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia. If we can’t stand by the production of our products and ensure their quality, then any success will be short term so we focus on quality small batch production and our amazing customer base to spread the word that they love our products!  We source locally, stock locally, and actively support our local community. See our stockists and events for more information! If you would like to stock ALCOME.Co products get in touch with us on our Contact page. 


x small batch + handcrafted
x vegan  +  
x organically-based + natural 
x self-preserving + effective

N O 

x animal testing or animal by-products 
x palm-oil
x sulphates 
x parabens
x toxic heavy metals (like aluminium) 
x bleaches
x artificial colours or preservatives


G E T  S O C I A L  




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